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Superconductivity not in line with Ohm’s law of current, resistance and voltage
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Sabotaging the future of mankind
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The Physics Delusion
The Physics Delusion

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Professor Johan Prins is a serious physicist with years of experience in the material sciences. Shortly before retiring as a world authority on ion implantation into diamond, he discovered an unexpected electrical phenomenon while extracting electrons from diamond. Further experimentation led to the conclusion that this behaviour can only be interpreted as superconduction at room temperature.

The latter follows logically from the accepted laws of Solid State Physics: However, this same phenomenon cannot be modelled in terms of the mainstream theories and paradigms which are in vogue to "explain" other superconducting phases: Theories for which Nobel prizes have been awarded (like the venerated BCS-model).

The new physics frontier unveiled by these results has challenged Johan to re-examine the accepted interpretations of modern physics on which the mainstream model of superconduction is based. Following this path for many years Johan has developed an alternative model for the field of superconduction physics.

    In his book Johan tells the whole story and revisits the accepted interpretation of quantum physics; called the Copenhagen-interpretation: With impeccable logic, empirical evidence, an engaging style, and a biting sense of humour, he shows that the interpretation of modern physics has for more than eighty years been based on an unfortunate misconception. This misconception has prevented physicists from understanding the very holy grail of knowledge they seek that would literally change the world as we know it - room temperature superconduction. In this book it is shown that the Copenhagen (probabilistic) interpretation of quantum physics is wrong. Bohr, Heisenberg and Born were wrong. Einstein, Schrödinger and de Broglie were right. As Einstein put it succinctly,
    "God does not play dice" (with the universe)
    For example, the well-known, supposed paradox of the double-slit diffraction experiment can be simply and elegantly resolved without resorting to the paranormal metaphysics of "wave-particle duality".
    This book returns physics from mysticism to reality.