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Last modified: 2013/08/01
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The Physics Delusion The Physics Delusion     Superconduction at room temperature without Cooper pairs Superconduction at room temperature without Cooper pairs  

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The Physics Delusion
    How several early assumptions have transformed physics and set it on an unfortunate path..
    In this book the author re-examines accepted concepts in Physics. He presents credible thinking that presents alternate interpretations for quantum mechanics as well as for some of the assumptions on which electro-magnetic theory is based.
    Although mathematical equations and advanced Physics are discussed, the author has found an approach which allows a full understanding and comprehension of his arguments by any reader.
    The author is personally and solely responsible for the content and opinions expressed in this book. This book is a robust attempt to redirect physics from the present realm of mysticisms and conjecture. It could not be avoided to name people. If those of them, who are still alive, feel affronted, it is not personally intended: I had no other choice since the content of this book is in the interest of our future as human beings.
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Current control through superconductors, INJECTION RATES! 05 June 2011 19 June 2011
"Tunnelling"-junctions and superconduction: NO PHASE SLIP! NO COOPER PAIRS! 02 May 2011 19 June 2011
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